Chinese Crested Common Skin Issues

Audra Lynn

Unfortunately Chinese cresteds can be prone to skin issues.  Most of us breeders try our best to breed good skin, but bad skin can always pop up in anyone's breeding program.  This is a quick overview of issues.  There will be a more in depth blog written on this topic. 

Here are some of the skin issues Chinese Cresteds can be prone to.


The Chinese Crested can be prone to dryness.   When they exercise, go outdoors, do day to day activities,  their skin can lose a lot of surface maoisture and become dry and chafed.  That causes discomfort and even cracking and bleeding. Keeping your Chinese cresteds skin moisturized by making sure they have enough water and applying a layer of moisturizer like, Famous Dry Skin Moisturizer on a everyday to every other day basis.  In the summer, especially with pink or light skinned cresteds should have a layer of sunscreen on if they're going to be outside for an extended period of time.  If you apply sunscreen make sure to bath them often as it can cause acne issues.  My favorite is Aveeno sunscreen and I get the spray on,  it's quick and easy.  Also remember even if it's an overcast day they can still burn!  In the winter be careful with chafing and dressing your crested up can cause chafing in the armpits and other places the clothes can rub on them.  


Chinese Cresteds are prone to a wool allergy.  Even without having an allergy, hairless will generally find the wool uncomfortable to the bare skin, so a softer, less scratchy fabric should be used for blankets or any other surface like clothes and dog beds that the dog would have regular contact with.  


While using lotions and other topical products are a good thing to use on your hairless to keep their skin moisturized, clean and smooth, a lot of cresteds develop allergies to products that contain lanolin (wool fat), aloe Vera and the strong fragrances found in most skin care products. Not all cresteds have allergies to these products, but if you notice any skin issues, take a look at what your using on their skin and if it contains any of these products.


Both the Powderpuff and the Hairless variety are prone to acne, but more so for the hairless.  The hairless have their skin exposed regularly to the elements.  Putting clothes on them can also cause issues, because they get too warm and dirt can get trapped against the skin.  If you dress your crested, change and wash clothes everyday like you would do for yourself.  Feeding them a grain free diet, that contains very little grease or oil.  For an acne prone crested I would Bath the dog at least once a week.  A great skin care system like, Famous Acne Kit helps kill the bacteria that causes acne, will keep the skin moisture balanced, and keep their skin clean. 


Fleas & Ticks

Many things you read will say hairless cresteds aren't prone to fleas because they don't have a lot of places to hide, but that is completely untrue. Make sure your dog is protected against flea and ticks!




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