About us

Famous Skin Care for dogs was created by Audra Lynn.  

Audra breeds and shows Chinese Cresteds. Chinese Cresteds are a hairless dog that can have an array of skin issues.  Though some of these products are tailored made for the hairless dog, most are made for all breeds.  

Audra resides in Wisconsin after living in Los Angeles for ten years.  While in Los Angles she traveled the world modeling and acting where she learned a lot about different skin and hair care products.  She was so intrigued she started creating her own products and would use them on herself.  Her most famous product is the Famous Growth Shampoo & Conditioner.  This product made her hair grow so fast that she is able to donate 13-18 inches of hair a year for Wigs for Kids and still have long hair halfway down her back!

Having spent thousands at veterinarian offices on skin issues, she decided to create products for dogs to help with the issues most vets are puzzled by.  She has seen how these poor dogs can suffer from skin issues and most are so simple to treat.  Her goal with products is to make the public aware of how to help their dog naturally and safely without costly vet office visits and harmful medications! 

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