Vaccines & Arborvitae Oil

Audra Lynn

Many dogs suffer from negative effects from vaccinations and its become a very concerning topic for many pet owners. 

Arborvitae is considered the remedy to turn to for all instances of negative effects after vaccinations (a condition known as vaccinosis). 


Vaccinosis can include large, hard lumps that remain days after the vaccination; warts, sarcoids, general fatigue, or lack of health that comes after vaccinations.  I know being a hairless breeder that after vaccinations my hairless will sometimes go through skin eruptions.  That is common with all breeds but more noticeable on my hairless dogs.  You also might see a sudden appearance of allergies along with those skin eruptions.  I suggest as a precaution before vaccines are given to concurrently give arborvitae. 

Arborvitae also works on the overgrowth of tissue that can happen after vaccinations.  It is a great remedy to treat warts  The warts might have a rough cauliflower like surface and might bleed or give off a foul smelling discharge.  The warts can be found anywhere, but the most common areas are the muzzle or around the genitals. 

Aborvitae has also been effective in treating neglected, chronic cases of hoof degeneration.  The hoof can appear to be curling upwards at the toes.  Because arborvitae is a useful tool in treating tissue overgrowth, it might be helpful in preventing proud flesh or the granulation tissue overgrowth that can follow an injury. 

Many skin conditions including rain rot, rain scald, scratches, acne, blackheads, white cysts that many older dogs end up getting on their face and skin respond favorably to Arborvitae.


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