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Welcome to Famous Skin Care for Dogs!
Famous Skin Care for dogs is designed to help dogs that are having skin and hair issues.  These days dogs are having more and more skin issues. For the most part veterinarians seem to be at a loss and only want to charge a ton of money for office visits, allergy tests, skin scrapings, harmful medications etc... 
Founder of Famous Skin Care for Dogs, Audra Lynn breeds and shows Chinese Cresteds.  Who knows dogs skin better than someone that deals with hairless dogs on a daily basis.   One of her Chinese cresteds had a horrible yeast issue with his skin. She spent just shy of $1000 on him trying to get him cleared up. Nothing worked it always came back. That is what made her test natural remedies.  After finding the right mix of natural products, she found something that worked on him!  
These are photos during the process of using the Famous Yeast B Gone product. 
He no longer licks and itches those spots.  He struggled for years with it and to think it only took 6 days to clear him up. Six days is the average, but clients have had tougher cases that have taken two to four weeks to clear up.  She also took a look at his diet after he cleared up and no longer feeds grain or chicken. That seems to be a common issue with dogs that get yeast issues. 
Famous Skin Care for dogs not only specializes in skin, but hair as well. The most popular product for hair is her Famous Growth Shampoo & Conditioner.  This formula has been used for years. Audra created it to use on her own hair!  She donates 13-18 inches of her own hair every year!  This product promotes healthy skin and hair by using essential oils to help stimulate growth!  
The dog below had a very dry coat and would take forever for her hair to grow. The owner finally just shaved her down. The first photo at the bottom was almost a year from when she shaved her. In six weeks she was in full show coat!  


Famous Skin Care for Dogs has a lot of different products.  If you have a particular problem you'd like help with, please feel free to contact Audra. If she doesn't have something for your dog's issues or if your dog has a certain allergy she can custom make products specifically for your dog!

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