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People always ask me what my dogs and I use for hair products!

The secret is out!!! 

Famous Hair Growth with colloidal silver  

This amazing product
* Unblocks clogged pores
* Moisturizes the skin
* Conditions hair
* Has anti-bacterial properties that protects the skin from bacterial & fungal infections
* Dilates blood vessels & stimulates cell division which in turn encourages hair follicles to produce new hair
* Inhibits both hair loss & graying in addition to removing dandruff & soothing dry flaky scalps
* Removes build up of dead skin cells which alleviates scalp inflammation & allows hair to grow freely!

Directions:  Famous Growth Shampoo Massage into wet hair to a good lather.  Rinse.  Squeeze out excess water and apply Famous Growth Conditioner massage into wet hair leave on for 3-5 minutes.   Rinse  

Works on all breeds that you want to grow hair on or breeds that have blown coat. 

Photos below are of dogs of mine who use it and myself. 

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