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Supply chain issues have been causing a major disruption with this product. 

Famous Snow White Shampoo helps to keep your pet's light or white colored coat looking vibrant and chic.  This groomer-approved formula helps maintain the richness and brilliance of white and light coats.  It helps break down stains like urine, clay, and dirt.  While showing dogs I never found a product that whitens like this product does!  It also contains conditioners to moisturize, leaving your pet's skin and coat soft and shiny.  You won't believe the difference in just one wash!

Note: It does not harm dark coats!  Also does not contain bluing!  

Directions:  Put on hair wet or dry.  Massage in for 1 minute and rinse.  For really tough stains you may leave on maximum 10 minutes.  Moisturizing enough to use every week, if needed.  

I also like to follow this product with the Famous Growth Conditioner!  

100% Organic & Natural 

1st photo is the after photo. She just used the product once so far and got these results the other photos of that dog are before photos! 

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