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Famous Yeast B Gone Kit is for dogs that have multiple spots of Yeast or Bacterial infections or a large area that's been hard to clear up.  

Famous Yeast B Gone includes:

Famous Yeast Shampoo: Helps fight yeast, dry flaky skin, dandruff, and itchy skin with an exotic blend of essential oils.  Helps clean, deodorize, and conditions coat and helps to alleviate itching and scratching in dogs cause by infections like yeast and bacteria Vitamin E oil helps moisturize the skin as well.  It will leave your dog feeling their freshest while smelling that way too!  Some of the harsh Vet medicated shampoos contain harsh chemicals with dyes and perfumes, that can be irritating.  This all natural product is a gentler choice.

Directions:  Wash dog at least once a week

Famous Yeast B Gone:  This break through product helps kill yeast, staph and bacteria infections on the skin.  Do not be alarmed if it looks worse before it gets better.  The skin will start to get dryer with redness and eventually start to peel at around day 3 or 4.  When the skin starts to peel, do one more day of treatment, then stop the Famous yeast b gone but continue with the rest of the products.  After the new skin peels off new healthy unaffected skin will appear underneath.  You may have to do this a couple of times leaving a couple weeks between treatments.  Because this treatment is different with every dog, please feel free to contact me through their process at famousskincarefordogs@aol.com  I will guide you through it!

Directions:  Apply to infected areas ONLY 2 times a day. The skin will get dry and start to peel. When the skin starts peeling only do one more day of treatment then stop only the Famous Yeast B Gone part of the kit, but continue with the other products.

Famous Yeast Lotion:  This moisturizing lotion stops the itching, irritation and the yeast from coming back and spreading,  This advanced at home yeast formula contains essential oils to fight yeast, staph and bacteria infections.  These properties efficiently control itching and inflammation, stopping irritation of the infected areas and preventing further spreading of infection to other body parts.  This will not kill the yeast like the Famous Yeast B Gone, this only contains it from spreading and helps your dog feel better from the itching. 

Directions:  Use 2-3 times a week to add some moisture back into the skin after you've done the Famous Yeast B Gone product.  You want the skin to become dry with the Famous Yeast B Gone and peel off.  The lotion is to be started after the Famous Yeast B Gone treatment has been completed. 

Famous Healing Salve:  This unique stay-on formula of beeswax and Olive oil based ointment formula stays on your dogs moist skin much longer than powder, lotion, cream, soap, soak, body wash, or shampoo to continuously combat fungus and bacteria while it repairs your skin.  This product you may use with the Famous Yeast B Gone if your dog seems to be aggravated by the treatment, but I would only use it once a day at night to help them sleep comfortably.  This amazing formula helps fight the fungus and will allow it to continue to peel with the Famous Yeast B Gone, but is also moisturizing at the same time.  It also helps with discomfort with the Yeast treatment!

Directions:  Apply to skin daily to build defense and help prevent future flare-ups. It is also great for any cuts, scrapes, Irritation or burns. Also I use it before I razor the dogs to prevent razor burn.  Read more about all of its great uses when you look up the product by it's self. 

Photos below are of a dog that had a pretty extreme case of yeast/Staph infection and the process it took to clear it up.  This extreme case was my longest case to clear, it took a couple weeks to clear up. 

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