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What is Otitis Externa?

Otitis externa is inflammation of the outer ear canal. What is the cause?There are many primary causes of otitis externa including :* Allergies* Atopy - one of the commonest causes of otitis externa* Food hypersensitivity (80% of affected cats and dogs reported to have otitis) * Contact hypersensitivity* Autoimmune disorders* Pemphigus foliaceous* Diseases of glands in the skin* Hyperplasia of glands reported in Cocker Spaniels* Foreign objects in the ear canal* Grass awns* Excessive hair* Sand, soil, water* Fungi* Dermatophytes * Generalised diseases of keratinisation* Primary idiopathic seborrhoea* Hormonal disorders - hypothyroidism, sex hormone imbalances* Parasites* Ear mites (eg otodectes...

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