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What is Otitis Externa?

Otitis externa is inflammation of the outer ear canal. What is the cause?There are many primary causes of otitis externa including :* Allergies* Atopy - one of the commonest causes of otitis externa* Food hypersensitivity (80% of affected cats and dogs reported to have otitis) * Contact hypersensitivity* Autoimmune disorders* Pemphigus foliaceous* Diseases of glands in the skin* Hyperplasia of glands reported in Cocker Spaniels* Foreign objects in the ear canal* Grass awns* Excessive hair* Sand, soil, water* Fungi* Dermatophytes * Generalised diseases of keratinisation* Primary idiopathic seborrhoea* Hormonal disorders - hypothyroidism, sex hormone imbalances* Parasites* Ear mites (eg otodectes...

Dry or Flaky Skin Causes on Dogs

Dry or Flaky Skin Causes on Dogs

What are some of the causes of Dry or Flaky Skin on Dogs? Sometimes it is as simple as just dry skin on your dog, but other times the causes can be quite serious.  There are many different causes of dry skin.  It's a long list and can be difficult to diagnose.  Here is a list of different causes for dry skin: Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia/Alopecia/Dystrophy This is a rare hereditary disease in dogs with different hair colors.  It's more common in Bearded Collies, Basset Hounds, Salukis, Beagles, Dachshunds, and Pointers.  The Symptoms are loss of dark or black hair...

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