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What is Panniculitis?

What is Panniculitis?

Panniculitis is inflammation of fat under the skin. It results in small inflamed nodules appearing on the surface of the skin. What is the Cause? There are many possible causes including :*  Post-injection *  Trauma*  Local impairment of blood supply (ischaemia)*  Immune disorders*  Bacterial or fungal infections - may be secondary invaders*  Idiopathic - sterile panniculitis What Breeds does it commonly affect? Dachshunds are more often affected than other breeds. Sterile pedal panniculitis is reported to occur in German Shepherd Dogs. There is no age or sex predisposition.What are the signs? Reddened (erythematous), firm, painful nodules in the skin. Usually...

What is Pododermatitis?

Podogermatitis affects the skin webs between the toes and between the foot pads.  It's a general terms for several different skin disorders.  It will result in redness, inflammation, swelling, and sometimes discharging sinuses.  Usually the underlying cause is unknown.   What causes podogermatitis? Sometimes the cause can be identified, but many times there is no known cause.  Here are some list of causes: Most cases are idiopathic meaning unknown Foreign object penetrates into the skin like grass, splinters of wood, thorns Foreign material collected against the skin like gravel, sand, tar, walking in freshly laid grass, chemicals Trauma like cuts,...

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