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Itchy Ears & Paws

Itchy Ears & Paws

You may think you don't know what a yeast infection in dogs looks like, but if you have an itchy dog, especially the ears and paws, then you may be looking at exactly that.   Yeast! How Yeast Affects your dog Yeast is a fungus that likes to grow in moist areas.  Summertime and tropical areas  usually causes flare ups because of the hot and humid weather.  If you notice your dog itching, licking, scooting, and paw chewing, your dog could have an over growth of Malassezia.  Malassezia is the most common type of yeast that is found on a dog's skin and...

What is Pododermatitis?

Podogermatitis affects the skin webs between the toes and between the foot pads.  It's a general terms for several different skin disorders.  It will result in redness, inflammation, swelling, and sometimes discharging sinuses.  Usually the underlying cause is unknown.   What causes podogermatitis? Sometimes the cause can be identified, but many times there is no known cause.  Here are some list of causes: Most cases are idiopathic meaning unknown Foreign object penetrates into the skin like grass, splinters of wood, thorns Foreign material collected against the skin like gravel, sand, tar, walking in freshly laid grass, chemicals Trauma like cuts,...

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