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What is Immunodeficiency?

The following are congenital diseases that cause immunodeficiency : Canine Leucocyte Adhesion Deficiency / Canine Granulocytopathy SyndromeCanine granulocytopathy syndrome (now called canine leucocyte adehesion deficiency) has been reported to be an inherited autosomal recessive trait in Irish Setters and the condition has been reviewed recently in a report (Trowald-Wigh G. et al Journal of Small Animal Practice (2000) Vol41 p211-217). With this disorder neutrophils have impaired phagocytosis and have impaired ability to kill bacteria due to lack of adhesion proteins (integrins CD11b/CD18, b2-integrins). Deficiency of these proteins prevents leucocytes from leaving blood vessels - so poor numbers are found in tissues...

What is Seborrhoea?

What is Seborrhoea?

Seborrhoea is a chronic skin disease that is characterized by excessive scale production and greasiness.    What causes Seborrhoea? The cause is unknown, but affected dogs have accelerated basal cell turnover (keratinocytes).  What breeds commonly suffer from Seborrhoea? Idiopathic Seborrhoea occurs in two types  Primary Seborrhoea is an inherited disorder and is seen in several breeds of dogs including: Basset Hounds Cocker Spaniels Dachshunds Doberman Pinschers  German Shepherd Dogs Irish Setters Labrador Retrievers  Poodles Shar Peis Springer Spaniels  West Highland Terriers      2.  Secondary Seborrhoea occurs secondary to almost any other skin disease and can occur in any dog....

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