Colloidal Silver and Skin Care

Colloidal Silver is known to be "the best all-around germ fighter" by research scientists and is essentially a water suspension of ionic silver.  Colloidal silver has been used since the medieval times to help as a bacterial agent that helps heal skin abrasion and burns. In natural skin care colloidal silver makes a safe non-irritating preservative with an added anti-inflammmatory bonujys.

The antiseptic and preservative power of Colloidal Silver has been well proven for decades, especially for burn wounds.  Acting as a catalyst, it supports the destruction of enzymes required for the metabolism of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  Compared to standard antibiotics, Colloidal Silver has been shown to destroy several hundred different microbial strains. 


Products that Contain Colloidal Silver:

Famous Acne Spray

Famous Detangler 

Famous Growth Shampoo

Famous Growth Conditioner 

Famous Damaged Hair Shampoo

Famous Damaged Hair Conditioner 

Famous Anxiety Spray

Famous Allergen Support

Famous Brain Support 

Famous Calming Spray

Famous Car Sickness

Famous Deodorizer 

Famous Ear Ache

Famous Ear Cleanser

Famous Flea Shampoo

Famoud Flea B Gone

Famous Immunity Boost 4 Skin

Famous Itch B Gone

Famous Joint Pain

Famous Mites B Gone

Famous Nervous Exhaustion

Famous Respiratory Support

Famous Sinus

Famous Snow White

Famous Stop Chewing

Famous Sunburn

Famous Tick B Gone

Famous Tick Remover

Famoud Yeast B Gone Kit

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